Fabeeo Breen

Fabeeo Breen <> FBRN

Bringing Real Swag into Virtual Worlds
Flex your experience
Fabeeo Breen is a metaverse fashion Brand and Digital studio House specialized in innovation and virtualization of fashion industry. Made in Italy.
Renowned as a pioneer in metaverse & virtual world creation since 2018. FBRN combines classic and futuristic styles: digital haute couture inspired by the most iconic past and present Italian fashion brands.
As fabulous as digital fashion is for the expression of our most personal and distinct traits beyond the limitations of the worlds outside and within, it is the best part of how our digital identities grow across the shifting boundaries between IRL and virtual ecosystems.
Fabeeo Breen combines a strong focus on utility enhanced digital fashion NFT collections that are playable as wearables in metaverse native environments.
Since 2018, Fabeeo has proudly produced one of the largest virtual collections live on Sansar virtual world, contributing more than 750 pieces. From 2021 FBRN brand is active on Decentraland as well with original web3 wearables collections and member of the wearables curation comittee.
The mission is to join and create for a broad diversity of immersive virtual experiences across metaverse realms. You can now play with style and encompass the full scope of Renaissance2.0.
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